Thursday, December 28, 2006

Growing tomatoes

In Miami,you can only grow tomatoes in winter and spring. Tomato plants don't do well in Miami's scorching summers. These are pictures of my tomato plants from last year. Despite the active hurricane season, these plants did very well, yielding a considerable number of tomatoes. This year they are not doing as well. We have had very few cold days this winter. Besides, some of the plants have been attacked by some type of pest. I haven't quite figured out what it is yet. Growing vegetables in Miami requires a lot of work because plants get sick easily. So you have to be patient and observe your plants carefully in order to keep them healthy.

Taking pictures

I love taking pictures of the plants in my garden. It's fascinating to see how they grow and change so much from season to season. I live in a subtropical city, but you can still notice the changes that plants go though. I take pictures and then I compare the way the garden looked last year to the way it looks this year. That's what I love about nature--it is ever-changing.