Monday, March 10, 2008

Escrito de mi hija sobre un viaje a España

Topic: Most Memorable First

Just imagine standing on the icy cold mountains of Spain watching the snow gracefully glide down from the baby blue sky. You could almost see Frosty the snowman in the distance waving at you. And as the snow cascades to the ground adding to the white blanket that covers the earth, you feel like there is nothing more beautiful and more breathe- taking in the world. Seeing those tiny pieces of white fall from the sky for the first time is one of the memories that will stay a part of me forever.

On the day that I got to see snow for the first time, my family and I woke up really early in the morning and we were out the door in less than 15 minutes. We were obviously really eager to see snow! We took the subway that leaded us to the train station and bought the tickets for the train. Once the train got there, we started the hour trip up to the village on the mountain. On the train, we talked and played to pass the time.

Finally after an hour of waiting, we arrived at the village. We had eaten a light breakfast so we were starving! And with half an hour until the second train arrived, we had plenty of time to eat... So we went into a restaurant near where the train leaves. I ate like a cow! I had not eaten better than I ever had in years!! Ok, well maybe that exaggerating it a bit but the food was delicious! I can still remember the taste of the delectable pork chops I ordered.

Once we finished eating we ran to catch the train. This train ride was only half an hour. But ten minutes into the ride, it started snowing outside. Everyone on the train got up and opened the windows to feel chilly snow slide down from the sky. Everyone was ecstatic to see the snow. “Omg, it is snoowwwinggg!” I screamed. I stuck my hand out the window and felt the icy cold snow on my hand. It felt so different from the weather I am used to in Miami.

Pretty soon, we had arrived and jumped of the train, impatient to start throwing snowballs especially my little sister. To her the snow was the perfect condition to attack me. The first chance she had she throw the biggest snowball ever at me and it hit me right in the face! Then we headed up some stairs to where we found a small toy sled. We took the sled to the hill and started sliding down the hill. I could not stop cracking up because when my dad went down the hill he could not stop the sled and he just kept sliding down! Of course eventually he was able to stop the sled. But it was hilarious while it lasted. Then we made snowmen with snow and plants. The snowmen came out to be really c ute! I took a million pictures of them with my camera.

When it started getting too cold for us, we went back down the stairs and that is when I almost fell on the floor laughing. My dad had worn super slippery shoes and let’s just say that those shoes were not very efficient in the snow. My dad had to walk down the stairs slower than a turtle so that he would not fall but halfway down he slipped! He just went sliding down until he got to the end of stairs. I thought I was going to end up right next to him on the floor but from laughing so much. After a while I felt bad for him but still it was pretty funny.

So once we were down the stairs and my dad was up, we walked back to the train stop. There we went into a very small building to get some warm, delicious hot chocolate with little marshmallows in side that made you feel so much warmer after being hours in the snow. As we got on the train, we said goodbye to one of the most memorable events of our lives.

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