Saturday, March 1, 2008

Misery Revisited or the Love of Cuba

Let’s remember, as we walk and talk in this winter afternoon,
How empty our stomachs were, how loud that voice was
Coming over from the public announcement system.
It was so loud and it hypnotized so many of our peers.
Cuba was the passive recipient of that voice.
There were other voices no one dared to hear.
Do you remember how lonely it got at times,
How miserable, how hopeless?
Let’s remember, as we watch the cherry blossoms
In this unusually warm winter, the depth of our anger
And the extent of our loneliness.
Let’s engage in these reflections,
Let’s expand these conversations,
Let’s incite these recollections,
as we walk and talk in this winter afternoon
overwhelmed as we are by the beauty of these cherry blossoms.

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